Working, meeting, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues or clients from Germany can be a real challenge. All aspects of business, especially relationship building and problem solving, are impacted by culture. The ability to bridge cultural differences in order to interact and communicate more effectively is a key element to international business success.

This workshop is based on developing awareness of your own culture and the culture of your business partners. By increasing your ability to recognize the different rules, behaviors and values of another culture you will gain a more relaxed approach to deal with cultural differences that could cause irritation. After attending this workshop, you will be able to operate and communicate effectively and appropriately in a variety of cultural contexts


Target Group

foreign executives and employees, who

  • work and live in Germany
  • accompanying spouses
  • cooperate with German business
  • partners/colleagues
  • regularly travel to Germany on business


  • gaining insight into the dynamics of inter-cultural cooperation
  • comprehending German culture and how it influences mindset and communication patterns
  • learning basic facts about German society
  • developing strategies for successful contact with German business partners and colleagues
  • understanding everyday life in Germany


·What is culture and how is our behavior determined by it?

  • How national culture influences the communication style and body language
  • Essentials of German work life
  • Handling meetings in Germany and why diversity achieves better results
  • Dos & Don´ts of German business habits (dress code, greeting rituals, punctuality, etc.)
  • Surviving and enjoying a German business dinner